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HolyChandra guide

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1HolyChandra guide Empty HolyChandra guide on Sun Mar 07, 2010 5:31 pm


This is a guide on how to make a high quality, non-money wasting AFK Holy Chandra (HC).

DPS: 0
PvP: 2
Support: 10
Challenge 1
Leveling speed: 6
Cost to build: 50 mil - 3.5 bil
Cost to repot: 1-2 mil per 1-2 week at most
Total profit: 100% of loot obtained

As a afk hc, you will not concentrate on dps, damage or de-buffs, but only on 1 thing; making sure u don't waste your fp pots, and don't get raped!

Before making the char make sure you get the beginner hp set, this will help you greatly from the start. Once you have it, you next goal is the following: Buy 2 10% fp reduction ring and 2 amulets. These are usually not wanted so you can get em easily. If you ever manage to get ur hands on a saving staff keep it! Its your best friend, and ull see why!

Go on lvling as any other char until you hit lvl 45 (class chandra at lvl 40 and shield miler at 45, and u should get the melee elite skill cleanse which ull use to gm all ur buffs and skills (+fp and sp this way!!!!)) from 45-50 ull be getting gm basic, expert and elites in order to get 4k+ fp without beginner set (so u use awesome fp pots without any waste later =O). By just pting all ur stuff on noob mobs you will get all the xp u need to get 50, so dont worry. Being a sm ull have more hp, and hence survive easily raiders and such using some decent gear.

From 50+ ull be able to afk heal in parties! get the 2.5k fp pots and ur fp saving gear (make sure u add efficiency and soul balad in ur macro!!!!). You should be casting heals at under 30 fp each, and sb should recover more then half the fp used. So ull be looking at 1 2.5k fp pot used every 20 minutes. You will therefor be using 1 stack of fp pots every 33 hours, and a bag will last you: 825 hours of none stop afk healing.

Please note that if you wish to use this and not be afk, you can easily double the lenght of a stack of fp pot (even make it infinite). The actual gear you should be wearing is int +0, if you have no funds (but heck im sure ull be looting the loot, and since you got no pot bill, 100% profit in your pockets!). I would recommend getting +4 gear or some type c/superior stuff (solid, strenght, adv strenght, endurance, not sure if saving exists but u wouldn't want that, since it is said that when u go over 100% fp reduction a glitch happens and you will crash """not tested, an i wouldn't even want to test that''''').

You will want to switch to the beginner set if raiders are close!
Remember to never use heal on some1 or purge if they are under attack and cannot keep/take back aggro fast
As a full support HC, your life will be boring, but this can also be a optionnal build, for when you are tired and want to go sleep, but dont want to waste all your fp pots. If your a new player thats got no money, no farming skill, started playing bellato, then all you really need to get is the fp reduction accessory set, a int staff of your lvl after lvl 40, some int 45-50 armor and the begginner hp set. The rest of the gear is more like luxury that makes your life better.

Odin is a live example of 1, and is even at less then 10% to lvl 60 after leeching afk for a few hours daily!

Overall game plan:

lvl 1:
get the beginner hp set

lvl 20-40:
get the fp reduce accessories

Gear at lvl 40:
perfect leon gunblade ----->Optional, but makes ur life easier when being raided (no need to talic it up)

Gear at lvl 44:
protection int shield lvl 44(50) ----->Optional, but makes ur life easier when being raided (+4-5 recommended)

Gear at lvl 50:
int+0 armor for mage lvl 50
or type c armors/superior (strenght or adv. strenght or endurance or guardian)
saving staff lvl 50 (you can use any lvl but the lvl 50 one is always the best to use cuz its nice and doesnt look too weak)
wind intense staff lvl 50 +4 chaos (this is in case you are required to spam aoes to stun mobs or a raider)
perfect leon hora staff (this is not really needed but in case u need to kill a shielder, this will help u a lot, sadly ull waste fp pots)

Gear at lvl 53:
int+0 armor for mage lvl 53 (optional, really not needed)

Gear at lvl 55:
int+4 armor for mage lvl 55
or type c armors/superior (strenght or adv. strenght or solid or endurance or guardian)

Gear at lvl 57:
int+0 armor for mages lvl 57

Gear at lvl 60:
int+2 armor for mages lvl 60 (vote shop ftw =O)

Gear at lvl 65:
int+5 armor for mages lvl 65 (this is some hard shit to get for sure XD)
lvl 65 rare B staff +5 (ull actually be a killing machine by now with over 3 chars filled of talic cristals and 5-7 slot weps, all maxed in cash with perfect eles (25 att ones and 20/25 att/def rings for sure) so its time to class astralist and uber rape those freaking tincans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

lvling scheme:
lvl 1-40 : 1-2 hours at most
40-45: varies between 30 seconds (a neo herodian aoe xp party XD) and 2 hours (ace brutals and abas..)
45-50: longggggg pting session (afk buffing takes at least a good 16 hours to finalise all buffs for forces and melee/range + all the low lvl mobs aull be pting on) usually done in 2-5 days (gm the melee and range basic/expert/elite and get to 70+ all the force ones)
50-60: takes between 30 hours and 100 hours (good xp parties are always faster XD, ull be wanting to do narooms at least from 51-55 then go to elven!!)
60-65: the longest part of all, your looking at insane amount of time unless u get into an aoe party (150 hours to infinite if you get crappy ones that like to use maus)

compare that to aoe spamming xp: 50-100 hours to do the 60-65 stretch, without afking. A afk hc gets the best life of all!

2HolyChandra guide Empty Re: HolyChandra guide on Tue Mar 09, 2010 7:05 pm


awesome guide! +1 flem

3HolyChandra guide Empty Re: HolyChandra guide on Thu Mar 11, 2010 9:11 am


Weak guides! photoshoped!


4HolyChandra guide Empty Re: HolyChandra guide on Sun Mar 14, 2010 2:25 am


Banned for trolling a flem
Banned for trolling a flem
glue the guides sir

HolyChandra guide 103u0m1

5HolyChandra guide Empty Re: HolyChandra guide on Fri Mar 26, 2010 9:11 pm


i prefer on deff build so im not 1 hitted

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