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Remember to check out the most recent patches for Flem Kingdom--Patch 3.4.1 is now out. CRITICAL update to allow new players to create a new game.
Flem Kingdom and Flem nations are both put on hold for a while due to real life issues
I quit RF forevah. It appears I'll be on runescape again. Name will be flem2002, so goodbye equilibriumgaming.com

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Flem rating exchanges

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1Flem rating exchanges Empty Flem rating exchanges on Sat Mar 27, 2010 11:19 am


You require at least 1k flem rating to be able to exchange. At a later date exchange values will be written here.
Ratings will be deducted upon item receipt.
These items are for 2.1.6 only.
Any spam here, will result in all flem rating to be reseted to -99999


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