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Remember to check out the most recent patches for Flem Kingdom--Patch 3.4.1 is now out. CRITICAL update to allow new players to create a new game.
Flem Kingdom and Flem nations are both put on hold for a while due to real life issues
I quit RF forevah. It appears I'll be on runescape again. Name will be flem2002, so goodbye equilibriumgaming.com

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Flem Kingdom Client

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1Flem Kingdom Client Empty Flem Kingdom Client on Sun Mar 07, 2010 3:27 pm


Flem Kingdom <3


ps: if the other link is over its limit full game here: ull still need to patch it though, follow instructions from page 174 and 176, post 1740/1758

filefactory.com FLEMS.exe

Or the Flem Kingdom uploader 3.2.2 (uses the newer version of the installer)
megaupload.com P89GF5SB
If not working or any errors, try this one:

Please take notes of these few detail:
- Never exit the game pressing the X in the corner, it will cause it to run in the background. Use the Shutdown option in the main menu, or F12 for fast exiting
-If you ever get an error due to antihack.dll simply delete it, it may be hidden in a hidden Backup folder in the main FLEMS folder in some version. Doing so will recent the achievement system and it should not do it again.
-Do not click out of the window during a battle.There have been some reports of game freezing, especially the people using windows 7. Wait until after the battle to click next to the window. Most people will not have any problems, hence check this for yourself. If the game freezes and nothing seems to be working, press F12. This will shutdown the game.
-The battle sytem in this game is highly dependant on your level, hence as you gain levels, you WILL need better gear to fight the same monsters. If you fail to forge or craft better equipment, you will only be hitting 0 on monsters. A FULL FORGING guide is now available with the 3.2.2 full game client or available in the download section. YOU WILL NEED PATCH 2.2.4 OR HIGHER
-In order to not freeze during battle, you must not attack a mob that is either going to die with more then 1 char (unless it is the last one on the field), nor attack a mob that may die and may be targetted by a confused ennemy. Anything else does not seem to cause freezing. Take these precautions and you will be fine.
-When installing the game make sure to place the intaller on the Desktop, some problems occured when it is installed elsewhere for some people.
megaupload.com 65RY1W3M
There is a glitch which I have yet to fix. However the most recent patch will fix it (unless there are other bugged parts, which I doubt)


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