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Remember to check out the most recent patches for Flem Kingdom--Patch 3.4.1 is now out. CRITICAL update to allow new players to create a new game.
Flem Kingdom and Flem nations are both put on hold for a while due to real life issues
I quit RF forevah. It appears I'll be on runescape again. Name will be flem2002, so goodbye equilibriumgaming.com

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Patch notes

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1Patch notes Empty Patch notes on Sun Mar 07, 2010 3:28 pm


Version 1.2.2

-You will be able to fight NeoBlast Rebirth in the battlegrounds in the Bonus section
-After the fight with the noob in Bell HQ, he will port you to the flem forest
-Battle system fuixed, fatal bug caused all saved games to erase their difficulty setting. This has been fixed. You may need to restart a game
-Bug in the begginner gear has been fixed, a free iron duke is currently available on your character
-Sette map repel has now been added

version 1.2.3 The Grand repel
-Sette desert repel quest mobs defense reduced greatly. Still require upgrade bronze equipment to kill and lvl 10.
-Fixed a bug that cause porting to sette to disable the menu
-Enabled the possiblility to kill MAU, strikers and graziers, if holding silverlight (requires lvl 50+ for Flem general rank, as well only having silverlight in the inventory should allow event to occur)

version 1.2.4
-Fixed Defense problems causing 0 damage when using lower ranked weapon (after lvl 50, may still happen if you dont upgrade to your best gear often)

version 2.1.0
-Fully integrated Odin fates to be affected by amount and quality of it being equiped on all characters at once
-Fully integrated the skill shop in Flem forest near the tent
-Fixed the movement of Sette Repel quest, some were not moving
-Added Information flems (Big and Blue aura) in flem forest. These will locate all important places for you

version 2.1.1
-Fixed a bug in the flem minigame that caused it to not function properly
-Solus, anacade, 117, 213, haram, numerus, ether and volcanic cauldron have been implemented (although the quest to enter them has not been completed. This will be hopefully today).
-Next major patch will double the amount of accessible maps, as well as introduce a new variety of monsters.

version 2.2.1 The Grand Quest

-Fixed a gazillion bugs that somehow occured due to the achievements. If you still receive an error after this patch, please DELETE the antihack.dll in the Backup folder. This will reset the achievement and should not cause another bug.
-NEW MAPS: Solus, Anacade, 213, 117, Haram, Numerus,, Crag mine, Ether (Elan, Volcanic cauldron and Kartela are not yet accessible). Ether is not completed after the Crag mine wing repel quest.
-Over 30 new monsters added.
-Added Automining in crag mine core
-Known bug with the cragmine quest: The amount of times you are located is always 1 behind the true value. This may not be fixed, but take note of this.
-Flem HQ now has new portals after finishing quests.
-Hunger system will now also check for new achievements. This may cause a bug if multiple games are played, or if achievements overlap, although no problems have been found yet regarding this
-CRITICAL system upgrade, another awesome bug was found in the menu system. This has been fixed.

version 2.2.2
-Fixed the Cragmine counting error during the CW repel quest.
-Implemented an giant hand next to every important events (portals, rooms, shops). These will all erase after Sette Repel quest. If wanted I can change it that they will always stay there, and be toggled on and off using an item. Wont require much work.

version 2.2.3
-Added Elan, however the map does not contain all Pbs, only scuds may be randomly encountered on it. Dagnu is present, hoever elan quest may not be completed, and he may not be reached.
-Fix a resistance bug. Caused all spells to heal lower type flems.
-Fixed a Defense bug, now monsters may hit you.
-Fixed a dexterity bug, now monsters may touch you.
-Fixed a damage bug, now monsters may hit you.
-Fixed a magic damage bug, spells will now cause 5X previous damage
-Fixed a duping glitch, caused the game to freee randomly.
-Game may still freeze, however this will be adressed next patch. This glitch involved a lag out period in the battle system. This lag out period, may not be terminated at this time. I will attempt to modify the codes, to force it to continue.
-Added an accessory modification. Beginner rings may be available instead of iron dukes. This reduces all the stats, while letting you attack quickly. THis may be usefull if you are hitting nothing on certain monsters and are unable to battle them without the iron duke. Only one of these 2 items may be carried until you either find more, or craft them.

version 2.2.4
-Added Elan completed. All 4 Pit bosses also fully active.
-Over 25 new mobs accross 4 new maps.
-Added Kartela and Volcanic cauldron
-Fixed the game freeze bug!!!! (Actually its slightly fixed, it WILL still freeze. The problem has been found, and sadly only way to ix it is to scrap the entire battle system, and use some sort of turn based system, which I WILL NOT DO. Please save very often, the freeze only occurs in battles, and is due to the battle speed being unstable when the gauge restarts)

version 3.1.1
-Beast mountain and Outcast lands have been added. 2 new Pit boss added, which are even harder to kill.
-Elven lands is now accessible, however the map is not completed. Entire main quest to unlock has been completed and tested.
-Level under 1000 may reach elven without needing extreme gear.
-Temporary Beta end credits available once you reach the Flem Castle. Will register as completing the game, however you may reload a saved game and continu.

version 3.1.2
-Added some Metal elven and Sealed monsters in elan Catacombs and elven lands.
-Released the new active time gauge. Replaces old system, and may be a critical update. Please patch and test it out as soon as you can. First to get a battle freeze post in the nest please or on my visitor page.
-Changes the Title menu to show the patch version at the top =O

version 3.2.1
-Fully completed beta version
-Freeze bug seems to not be happening anymore (if anyone gets this during a battle please note what was the last action that occured).
-Added up to level 5 in Cartella, with mobs and special mining rocks. Thor is also located at level 5.
-Added all monsters (metal and high elves) for the elven area, as well as completed the Elven Tree system. 2 new Elven Queen pit bosses have been added.
-Added Splinters in OCL.
-Added portal to Camelot (in elven after killing both the flem queen and the Bio/Neo/131 combo), it is in an other realm, and is where Flem transfiguration quest will be started in the next patch.
-Changed Pit boss regen effects, they will heal more.

version 3.2.2
-Added Flemite transfiguration, includes entire camelot quest and special mine.
-Added full stealing tables for all monsters
-Added Flem spirit and Flem destiny skills (both ultimate skills obtainable at the end of the master stats in the Flem inner stats)
-Multiple transfigurations, as well as multiple recipes to combine these ingredients.
-Change equipment requirements
-Disabled poison damage. In order to not freeze during battl, you must not attack a mob that is either going to die with more then 1 char (unless it is the last one on the field), nor attack a mob that may die and may be targetted by a confused ennemy. Anything else does not seem to cause freezing. Take these precautions and you will be fine.

version 3.2.3:
-Modified battle system to remove freezing during certain pitbosses
-Changed experience gained after beating lower grade mobs. Past a certain level mobs giving less exp, will stop giving exp, or give substancially less then previously. This is to remove the insane experience gained by low level mobs.
-Modifiying battle system due to the no damage being dealt out of stat range.

version 3.2.4:
-Added unfreeze script, which should completly remove the freezing from battles. May still occur, if it does, take note of anything and post a screenshot.
-New Dagnu character for flem transmigration.

version 3.3.1:
-Added Awesome new stuff =O
-Fixed the DNP script error.
-Critical update to the defense, magic def and attack. This changes the way the various difficulties handle these parameters. It will efectively make easy, easier then it is. This patch is critical, as there are script changes.

version 3.3.2:
-Added 10 different Staffs in the crafting system. Need wood to upgrade, obtainable from cutting certain logs or dead cutted tree trunks with little green branches growing on them.
-New woodcutting skill, which works like mining. Found in Flem forest, Ether and the Tree of Life.

version 3.3.4:
-Critical patch for the newest client download. Allows for new games to be created.

version 3.3.5:
-Added armor and adjusted staff stats.
-Updated the system at multiple places
-Upgrading system in the forge modified. Failure boosting occures a lot more often. As well the system may quench (lower success rate/explode/overheat) when over used. To counter this you can exit the forge if you are getting multiple successfull upgrades in a row. Another option is to beat Shinxaras, located in Sette desert near the chest where the cold smelting was. Be warned this is probably the hardest battle of all. Do not attempt it unless you have managed to beat all the different pit bosses.
-Achievement system updated. All 25 first achievement are fully unlocked now. The system will update itself if you had completed some of them previously (may not do so for all however).

version 3.4.1:
-Increased Sphinxaras difficulty for stage 4.
-Added the new Odin Sub-Quest (after the grand ramble) the weapon battles (8 stages, increasing in difficulty). Easily the hardest battle yet.

Not yet implemented (well not downloadable, its all ready to pack, but noone play the game nemore, so its a personal patch or myself):

version 3.4.3:
-Weapon battle can now be beaten, without requiring the quad-epic forms (Dagnu-transfiguration+Dual NeoBlast+rare Bob Flem.
-Changed overall difficulties
-Changed damage ratios
-Increased program stability (10-35% lag reduction, with no more crashes)
-Additional GM codes added
-Future fishing, cooking, hunting and herblore skills locations within the Flem forest have are being coded.


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